Manufacturer: TUBWRAP tm - Bathtub Protection


58.25"x41.25" with apron


Prevent the most Common Form of Damage The BEST tub protection on the market! Protects tubs from scratches, dirt, overspray, nicks, and dents. Surface protection that eliminates repair and replacement costs. Reduces post-construction cleaning costs. Recyclable and is a Green building product. Easy to install tub cover - easily modified to fit with a utility knife. Use as a working platform - TubWraptm is certified to withstand 1237.0 lbf. Our tub protection prevents tubs from being used as trash bins. TubWraptm is reusable unlike tub liners. IMPROVES BUILDER'S IMAGE. INCREASES CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. INCREASES BOTTOM LINE PROFIT.

TubWrap 58.25"x41.25" with 16" apron Sterling